brett anderson

29th september 1967
haywards heath, uk

Known as Suede's frontman, Brett Anderson is now working outside Suede because he thinks it's the only way to escape from the 'artistic dead end' he was in. Brett is also working in a solo project with the help of Fred Ball (Pleasure).

  bernard butler

electric guitar
1st may 1970
stamford hill, uk

Former Suede's guitarist, he left the band in 1994. During all these years he has made 2 solo albums, 2 albums with David McAlmont and a lot of participations on other people's projects as guitarist, composer and producer. He and Brett have started to work together again after not spoken to each other for 10 years.

  nathan fisher

bass guitar
swindon, uk

Nathan is the bass player of a North London band called 'Western Electric System'. This band was founded as 'The Alchemicals' releasing a couple of singles on indie labels. Bernard has been helping this band and he's co-producing their first album.

  mako sakamoto

tokyo, japan

Makoto Sakamoto is well known for Bernard fans as he has been playing drums on almost everything Bernard has done since he left Suede and Brett really likes him.

  will foster

oxford, uk

Will Foster is now an 'official' member of the band though in the beginning he only played keyboards at The Tears gigs. He has worked for other bands like 'Sophia', 'Heather Nova', 'Lodger' and 'Delicatessen'.